Hispanic Jews, Leaving America for Spain

A reader says their decision to emigrate is what the haters want. Sandra Arazi-Coambs, left, studied Spanish with Mauricia Alarcón Moreno at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Ms. Arazi-Coambs has been taking language and civics classes to prepare to apply for Spanish citizenship.CreditCreditGeorge Etheredge for The New York Times To the Editor: “Hispanics […]

The V.A. in the Vanguard of Medical Care

A former secretary of the department discusses its achievements. A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who has vision problems due to being in close proximity to numerous blasts in the war, having an eye exam at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System.CreditCreditTodd Heisler/The New York Times To the Editor: “Don’t Sell Out Veterans,” by Suzanne […]

One Vote, My Vote

A reader rejects the idea of voting for the “less terrible” candidate. Billboards encouraging people to vote in the midterm election in Arizona, where the Green Party candidate was a factor.CreditCreditElijah Nouvelage/Reuters To the Editor: Re “Election’s Over, Let’s Have a Rant” (column, Nov. 10): Gail Collins writes in response to Green Party candidates in […]

G.O.P.’s Formula for Success: An Appeal to Racism

“The G.O.P. has prospered by pandering to prejudice,” a reader says, and President Trump has simply taken it to “a more blatant level.” Presient Trump at a campaign rally at the Southern Illinois Airport last week.CreditCreditDoug Mills/The New York Times To the Editor: I had to read Daniel McCarthy’s Nov. 5 essay, “The G.O.P. Is […]

The School Bake Sale, Revisited

Readers cite an opportunity to educate children about nutrition, and women’s changed expectations for themselves in society today. CreditCreditKlara Nordin Stensö To the Editor: Re “Down With School Bake Sales,” by Deb Perelman (Sunday Review, Nov. 4): I agree that it is time to retire the traditional school bake sale, but for very different reasons: […]

The Massacre at a Thousand Oaks Bar

“We can’t keep waking up to these type of stories,” one reader says. A reader in London wonders if foreigners can feel safe visiting given the frequent U.S. mass shootings. CreditCreditJenna Schoenefeld for The New York Times To the Editor: Re “12 Slain by California Gunman” (front page, Nov. 9): We don’t know the motives […]

A Better Way to Vote? Just Look to Canada

A Canadian says she is “dumbfounded” by how elections are conducted in America. An American wonders why the efficiency of online purchases can’t be applied to voting. Tiffany Kelly, a Board of Elections technician, assisting a voter at a scanning machine at Public School 22 in Brooklyn on Tuesday.CreditCreditHolly Pickett for The New York Times […]

In Yemen, Many Die, Including This Girl

Oxfam America calls on the United States to end its support for the Saudi coalition, and readers react to the “gut-wrenching” images of starving Yemeni children. Amal Hussain, who died at age 7. “My heart is broken,” her mother said.CreditCreditTyler Hicks/The New York Times To the Editor: Re “U.S. and Britain Seek a Cease-Fire in […]

Election Day Stories: Voters Reflect

One reader writes about getting emotional as he entered the voting booth, while another touts his state’s voting by mail. A group of volunteers drove through Houston in a converted school bus to encourage people to vote. They also offered free rides to polling locations.CreditCreditTamir Kalifa for The New York Times To the Editor: I […]

Our Mental Health at Risk

A reader says the president’s speech adversely affects the psyche of Americans. CreditCreditBen Jones To the Editor: Dr. Richard A. Friedman, in “The Neuroscience of Hate Speech” (Op-Ed, Nov. 1), describes the connection between the hateful rhetoric constantly spewing from President Trump’s mouth and the increasingly violent acts we are witnessing in our country. What […]