What’s Hot (and What’s Not) This Black Friday

To help shoppers get started, here’s a cheat sheet of the products to track, and the ones to ignore. The line outside a Best Buy store before it opened on Black Friday in Overland Park, Kan., last year.CreditCreditCharlie Riedel/Associated Press It’s that time of the year again when retailers bombard you with ads promoting Black […]

Wireless Charging Is Here. So What Is It Good For?

The technology, also known as magnetic induction, is a relatively new feature for powering iPhones and popular Android phones. Most people don’t use it, but here are a few benefits. CreditCreditChris Philpot Besides getting bigger, smartphones keep getting — for lack of a better word — glassier. From front to back, the bodies of many […]

Windows on How Cities Change Can Be All Too Captivating

Emily Badger, a reporter for The Upshot in Washington, likes Google Street View’s time-lapse feature, which can show a neighborhood’s transformation since 2007.CreditCreditTing Shen for The New York Times Q. As a writer for The Upshot, you do a lot of analysis, including on the effects and consequences of technology. What are the best websites […]